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About us
Yoh-Shinn has accumulated years of knowledge and experience in the manufacturing of screw conveyers, and has grown together with our customers based on a business philosophy of innovation, honesty, and profit sharing in the spirit of sustainable operation.
We were the first in Taiwan to introduce the “Computer Aided Automatic Single Spiral Blade Manufacturing Machine” from overseas, and we continue to manufacture high-standard and quality spiral blades with state-of-art technologies. Committed to producing high-efficiency screw conveyers and accessories, Yoh-Shinn is the most dedicated manufacturer capable of achieving highest quality requirements in versatile spiral blade, whether they are "continuous spiral blades without a welded joint" or "spiral blade with a large diameter and thickness".
In terms of technology, we use the highest efficiency manufacturing methods for modularization and standardization, with the goals of prioritized services and reasonable prices. Yoh-Shinn continuously improves the quality and functionality of its products. This endless innovation and improvement creates win-win situation for both us and our customers.